[Posted on the home page a week before the referendum – now just an old post…]

On Thursday June 23rd, please vote REMAIN!! It’s the only way to ensure that progress can be made in building a better European Union, a union that’s more about politics in the noblest sense of the term, and less about the market. A Union that is led by the best, and not by second-string politicians placed there to give national leaders the illusion of having the upper hand. From Donegal to Constanta, from Lisbon to Tallinn, we should all be voting for lists that will give us the best representatives. The British don’t want that now. They can voice their concerns within the Union, instead of destroying this fragile edifice. Tempted to emulate Boris Johnson throwing his toys out of the pram? How can that be a credible choice and a meaningful vote? For the sake of peace, for the sake of democracy, justice and social progress, vote REMAIN!

It seems like another age, when I ran the Virgin Money London Marathon for the Inland Waterways Association on April 24, 2016. The aim was to attract sponsorship for the unique inland waterways of my country of birth, where a passion for discovering landscapes, cities, whole countries by water was born in the 1960s. See separate page about the marathon

telerama-cover-europeAt the same time, I was already devastated then by all that has been disintegrating in the world since I started this page last year. My posts here suggest the geekish frivolity and self-centredness of the long-distance runner. I agree it’s a futile stimulating game that one plays, putting to test the body that is necessarily on the decline.

But I have been promoting European Union all my life, and the cover of Télérama (#3454) was heartbreaking for all that it conveyed. I was moved when I voted YES to the European Community in 1975. Decades of progress (enlargement, the Channel Tunnel, Schengen) were followed by the setbacks of Maastricht, nationalist governments, and now this breakdown of all we have been aspiring to.