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route-010415Oh no, I did it again!
Headed off down Avenue Jean Perrot, but it was too cold in the shade of the blocks of flats on the east side! So I ran back to get the (relative) warmth of the morning sun, and then did the prescribed intervals of 3 min tempo and 2 min jog recovery. That explains the curious figure plotted by RunKeeper. Then the hamstring felt a strain in the right leg. It was not a show-stopper, but uncomfortable, and later in the day I was limping slightly. Now, two days later, stiffness seems to have continued down to the calf muscle in the same leg. With the half-marathon in three days, I’m getting massage today, tomorrow and Saturday, and no running, in the hopes that will make me able to run the course. Right now, it feels like a 50-50 chance!